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Innovative/Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems That Reduce Pollution


We are Certified Installing Contractor for all 5 of the approved Suffolk County I/A OWTS. FUJI, Hydro-Action, Norweco, Orenco, SeptiTech

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Let us show you why going "GREEN" using I/A OWTS is the best for all of us.
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Clear River Environmental is a Certified Installing Contractor and Service Provider for ALL 5 of the Suffolk County I/A OWTS Approved Nitrogen Reducing Residential Systems.

We have installed the MOST nitrogen reducing residential I/A OWTS in Suffolk County since the program was started in late 2015. We installed nearly 100 I/A OWTS systems.

Clear River Environmental installed the first I/A OWTS in December 2016.

The I/A OWTS Manufacturers choose us to do their critical Pilot installations because of Clear River’s 20+ years of experience in Long Island with all types of cesspools, septic systems, and advanced septic system for both residential and commercial customers.

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Nitrogen pollution from cesspools and septic systems has been identified as the largest single cause of degraded water quality contributing to beach closures, restrictions on shellfishing, toxic algae blooms, and massive fish kills.


A conventional onsite septic system was never designed to remove nitrogen. The average residential septic system discharges approximately 40 pounds of nitrogen per year. For homeowners close to surface waters in Suffolk County nitrogen can rapidly reach surface waters where it contributes to degradation of our marshes, bays, and beaches. Even inland, nitrogen from septic systems will eventually reach the groundwater and surface waters.


Thousands of parcels are currently served by polluting cesspools and septic systems, but will never connect to a sewer system. Reversing degradation of water quality will depend on replacement of existing systems with new, individual Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A OWTS).


Over the past several years, Suffolk County has assertively set the stage for the transition to the use of these new systems. To make the cost of I/A systems that remove nitrogen to protect water quality more affordable for homeowners, Suffolk County has devised the Septic Improvement Program consisting of both a grant and low-interest financing program as the next logical piece of the Reclaim Our Water initiative.

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Grant Eligibility Criteria:

In order for an application to be considered for a grant the following preliminary criteria must be met:


  • The residence must be single family, owner-occupied year round and a property owner’s primary residence. Seasonal homes and rental properties are not eligible for this grant program.
  • The residence must be served by a septic system or cesspool and not connected to a sewer system or located within a proposed sewer district.
  • Property may not be used as a rental property.
  • New construction is not eligible.
  • No home based business on the property or in the residence (“business” does not include a personal home office that does not require additional kitchen use or customer access).
  • Property owner(s) may not be a current employee of Suffolk County, an elected official of the State of New York or any political subdivision therein (e.g., elected official of town, village, county, etc.), or a party officer.
  • Property does not have any outstanding or open real property tax liens.
  • There must be a valid certificate of occupancy (CO) or equivalent issued by the applicable town or village. Income verification (provide a copy of each property owner’s most recently filed federal income tax return).
  • Grant assistance is based upon the following Income Criteria:
  • Grant assistance is based upon the following Income Criteria:
    Federal Adjusted Gross Income of a property owner(s) (married or single) who is less than or equal to $300,000/year is eligible for 100% of grant.
    Federal Adjusted Gross Income of a property owner(s) (married or single) who is between $300,000/year - $500,000/year is eligible for 50% of grant.
    Federal Adjusted Gross Income of a property owner(s) (married or single) $500,000 or more will not be eligible for a grant.
  • Please note that in order to complete the application process, you will be required to submit the following documents:
  • Copy of property deed
  • Proof of Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Copy of most recent property tax bill
  • Copy of Certificate of Occupancy or equivalent The first two pages of property owner(s)’ latest year’s tax return along with signature page (Please be sure to redact your social security number) (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) If applicable: proof of sanitary system failure (photo, service receipts, etc.)

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