GRANTS FOR I/A OWTS SOLUTIONS - Innovative/Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems 

Cesspool And Septic Improvement Program Grants

Clear River Environmental is a Certified Installing Contractor and Service Provider for ALL 5 of the Suffolk County I/A OWTS Approved Nitrogen Reducing Residential Systems.

We have installed the MOST nitrogen reducing residential I/A OWTS in Suffolk County since the program was started in late 2015. We installed nearly 100 I/A OWTS systems.

Clear River Environmental installed the first I/A OWTS in December 2016.

The I/A OWTS Manufacturers choose us to do their critical Pilot installations because of Clear River’s 20+ years of experience in Long Island with all types of cesspools, septic systems, and advanced septic system for both residential and commercial customers.

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