Bacterial treatment

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bacterial treatment

Bacterial treatment is a specialized service offered by Clear River Environment to improve the microbial balance and overall health of cesspool systems. This process involves the introduction of beneficial bacteria into the cesspool to aid in the breakdown of organic matter, reduce solids accumulation, and promote system efficiency.                            

Purpose of Bacterial Treatment

Waste Decomposition: Beneficial bacteria introduced through treatment help break down organic waste, grease, and solids in the cesspool, preventing blockages and backups.

Microbial Balance: Bacterial treatments restore and maintain a healthy microbial balance in the cesspool, supporting natural biological processes essential for waste digestion.

Odor Control: The activity of beneficial bacteria helps control odors produced by anaerobic decomposition, creating a more pleasant environment.

We use environmentally friendly and biodegradable bacterial products in their treatments to minimize environmental impact.

Bacterial treatment is an essential service that supports the health and efficiency of cesspool systems while promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability in wastewater management.

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