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clear river family of companies

When we said we are a Cesspool service family we meant it!

The founder envisioned an environmentally friendly company when he first established Clear River Environment in 1960 a move dedicated to the promise of environmental sustainability with customer satisfaction. Thus, started the journey of becoming one of the greatest Cesspool service companies in Long Island USA. Since then Clear River Environment has uniquely helped the community of Long Island in resolving all the cesspool and septic services with exemplary effectiveness.

Clear River Environment being the best in giving the optimum level of Cesspool & Septic services, and immense support of our customers, furthered our services towards excellence by acquiring other companies to the Clear River Family of Companies with a dedication to continuous improvement and sustainability to the environment of Long Island. Each business is backed by Clear River Environment and its resources, to bridge the gap between environmental sustainability and exceptional customer care while creating a meaningful impact towards the role of being an environmental steward.

We take on the most pressing challenges and leverage our expertise in preserving the integrity of Long Island’s water resources with absolute loyalty. Whether you prefer cesspool service, septic installation, or any other plumbing service, at Clear River Environment Family of Companies, we promise to deliver you an experience of pure care without exception. After all, we are one big Cesspool Service Family!