Guzzler Service

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guzzler service

Guzzler Service

A guzzler service for a cesspool company involves pumping out accumulated waste from cesspools. Over time, liquid waste collects in the cesspool, and solids settle at the bottom, forming a sludge layer. Professional services  from our team of experts at Clear River Environmental periodically remove this waste to prevent clogs, backups, or overflows. 

The guzzler service process for our clients typically involves the following steps:

  1. Inspection and Assessment:
    • A technician assesses the condition of the cesspool, checking for signs of blockages, sludge buildup, or other issues.
    • We use our  specialized tools or cameras at Clear River Environment to inspect the interior
  2. Pumping and Removal:
    • The guzzler truck arrives at the location.
    • A large hose is inserted into the cesspool through an access point (such as a manhole cover).
    • Our guzzler truck’s powerful vacuum system pumps out the liquid waste (sewage, wastewater, etc.) from the cesspool.
    • Solids or sludges are also removed during this process.
  3. Disposal:
    • The collected waste is transported to a treatment facility or disposal site.
    • Strict disposal methods are followed by the Clear River Environmental team to comply with the environmental regulations.
  4. Maintenance Recommendations:
    • Our technicians may provide recommendations for regular maintenance intervals based on the cesspool’s size and usage.
    • Regular pumping helps prevent backups, odors, and system failure.