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Responsible Decommissioning of Unused Septic Tanks

If you have an older septic system that is no longer in use, it’s important to properly decommission and abandon the septic tank to ensure the safety of your property and the surrounding environment. At Clear River Environmental, we offer comprehensive Phase I tank abandonment services to handle this critical process.

What is Tank Abandonment Phase I?

Phase I of the tank abandonment process involves the safe and responsible removal of an unused septic tank. This step is essential to prevent potential hazards, such as:

  • Structural collapse of the empty tank, which could cause damage or injuries
  • Groundwater contamination from any remaining waste or chemicals
  • Accidental injuries from unsuspecting individuals or animals falling into the tank

Our experienced team will carefully excavate the septic tank, pump out any remaining contents, and then properly dispose of the tank in accordance with local regulations. This ensures the area is left secure and environmentally sound.

The Benefits of Phase I Tank Abandonment

  • Eliminates potential safety risks on your property
  • Prevents groundwater pollution from the unused tank
  • Prepares the site for future use or redevelopment
  • Demonstrates environmental responsibility
  • Ensures compliance with local codes and ordinances
  • When is Tank Abandonment Phase I Necessary?


If you have an older septic system that has been replaced or is no longer in use, it’s crucial to have the tank professionally abandoned. This is especially important if:

  • The tank is located in an area that will be used for new construction or landscaping
  • The tank is deteriorating and poses a potential collapse hazard
  • You are preparing to sell your property and need to address the unused septic system
Don't let an abandoned septic tank put your property or loved ones at risk.