Phase 3

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phase 3

Verifying Proper Decommissioning

At Clear River Environmental, our thorough tank abandonment services don’t stop at Phases 1 and 2. We also offer a crucial Phase 3 process to ensure the complete and proper decommissioning of your septic system.

What is Involved in Tank Abandonment Phase 3?

After the physical removal and backfilling of the septic tank, distribution box, and drainfield in Phases 1 and 2, our team will conduct a thorough inspection and verification process in Phase 3. This includes:

  • Performing a site survey to confirm all components have been properly excavated and filled
  • Collecting soil samples from the abandoned system area for laboratory testing
  • Reviewing the project documentation and permits to validate compliance with local regulations
  • Providing a detailed report outlining the completed decommissioning work

This final phase of the process gives you and local authorities the assurance that your old septic system has been decommissioned in a safe, environmentally responsible manner

The Benefits of Phase 3 Verification:

  • Confirms the complete removal of all system components
  • Ensures the site has been properly restored and stabilized
  • Demonstrates compliance with local codes and regulations
  • Provides documentation for property records and future use
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing the job was done right

When is Phase 3 Tank Abandonment Necessary?

Phase 3 verification is an essential step in the decommissioning process, especially if:

  • You are preparing to sell the property and need to provide documentation
  • The local municipality requires a final inspection and approval of the abandoned system
  • You plan to build a new structure or make major changes to the property
  • You want to ensure the site is safe and environmentally sound for future use