Emergency Oil Spill Response

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emergency oil spill response

Environmental Oil Spill Response

Oil Spill Cleanup and Remediation 

If you experience an oil spill at your site, it’s crucial to limit environmental damage and conduct necessary post-spill investigations to protect future operations. Clear River Environmental offers comprehensive cleanup and remediation services for oil spills across New York. Once a spill is contained, our expert consultants can perform soil sampling and site remediation as needed. We ensure that any contaminated water or soils are safely removed and transported for proper treatment or disposal.

Spill Prevention and Risk Assessment

A proactive spill prevention strategy is the best way to protect your site. Our team of consultants is available to conduct thorough risk assessments and discuss a planned maintenance program of regular checks and servicing to reduce the risk of spills.

What to Do in an Emergency?

Staying calm is key to effectively managing an oil or chemical spill. If you can safely contain the spill and limit its impact until help arrives, do so using the correct materials and protective equipment. Contact an emergency response specialist immediately. Clear River Environmental offers a 24/7 Emergency Hotline for all our customers. For immediate assistance, call our dedicated emergency number at 631-467-5447.

Spill Control Training

We also provide customized training designed to teach participants the safe and effective use of spill control resources and to understand the potential risks associated with spills.

Clear River Environmental offers a wide range of spill materials to help you manage incidents immediately:

  • Absorbent pads, cushions, socks, and granules
  • Clay drain mats
  • Drip tray spill kits
  • Spill kits in 15, 240, or 660-liter capacities
  • 4-drum spill pallets
  • IBC spill pallets
  • Drum top mats
  • Hazardous waste disposal bags
  • Drum repair putty