Tank Abandonment

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tank abandonment

Tank Decommissioning

In addition to our comprehensive tank cleaning operations, Clear River Environmental offers a complete tank decommissioning service for storage tanks containing a range of substances, from sewage to hazardous fuels, chemicals, and oils. Our tank specialists are highly qualified, holding at least City and Guilds NC1-NC4 supervisory levels and the necessary confined space certifications. We also provide installation of new tanks and offer guidance on maintaining them to ensure longevity, protect the contents, and comply with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

A Complete Decommissioning Solution

Clear River Environmental handles every aspect of the decommissioning process. From the initial inspection to the removal of the tank, pipework, and parts, we ensure a thorough and safe process. If the tank cannot be moved, we can fill it with hard foam and slurry. Finally, we leave the tank site clean and safe for future use.

Decommissioning Services

As part of our comprehensive decommissioning services, Clear River Environmental offers:

  • Manned and unmanned tank cleaning
  • High-pressure surface jetting
  • Sludge removal
  • Pipework flushing
  • Hazardous waste removal and treatment
  • Issuance of ‘gas free’ certification
  • Tank removal, disposal, or recycling