Closure Reports

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closure reports

At the completion of each tank abandonment or decommissioning project, Clear River Environmental will provide our clients with a detailed Closure Report. These comprehensive documents serve as a complete record of the work performed and ensure full regulatory compliance.

What’s Included in a Closure Report?

Our Closure Reports contain the following key information:
  • Project Overview
  • Description of the scope of work
  • Details on the tank(s) or system(s) that were abandoned/decommissioned
  • Site location and property details
  • Documentation of the Abandonment/Decommissioning Process
  • Step-by-step account of all activities performed
  • Dates, times, and personnel involved
  • Photographic evidence of the work in progress
  • Waste Manifests and Disposal Records
  • Manifest documentation for the removal and disposal of all waste materials
  • Receipts and invoices from licensed disposal facilities
  • Confirmatory Testing and Inspections
  • Results of any soil, water, or air quality testing conducted

Findings from final site inspections and surveys
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Copies of all necessary permits, approvals, and sign-offs
  • Confirmation of adherence to local, state, and federal regulations
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Detailed site plans showing the final conditions of the abandoned/decommissioned system
  • Recommendations for Future Use
  • Guidance on any restrictions or considerations for the property moving forward

Comprehensive Closure for Peace of Mind

The detailed Closure Report provided by Clear River Environmental serves several important purposes:

  • Documents the project for property records and regulatory agencies
  • Demonstrates full compliance with environmental regulations
  • Provides assurance that the tank abandonment was executed properly
  • Informs future owners or developers about the site conditions
  • Supports the property sale process or redevelopment plans


By partnering with our team, you can have confidence that your tank abandonment project will be completed to the highest standards and leave you with a comprehensive record of the work performed.