Phase 2

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phase 2

Comprehensive Septic System Decommissioning

After the initial Phase 1 tank removal, Clear River Environmental offers a complete Phase 2 septic system decommissioning service to fully address any remaining components of your unused onsite wastewater treatment system.

What is Involved in Tank Abandonment Phase 2?

While Phase 1 focused on safely removing the septic tank itself, Phase 2 takes the decommissioning process one step further. Our experienced technicians will systematically address the entire septic system, including: 

Excavating and removing the distribution box and any other system components

Properly abandoning the drainfield and leach field by filling it in with approved materials

Backfilling the excavated areas with clean soil to restore the landscape

This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the unused septic system is thoroughly decommissioned, eliminating any potential environmental or safety hazards.

Benefits of Complete Septic System Decommissioning

  • Removes all components of the defunct system
  • Prevents groundwater contamination from the drainfield
  • Prepares the site for future use or redevelopment
  • Demonstrates environmental stewardship
  • Satisfies local regulatory requirements for system abandonment

When is Phase 2 Tank Abandonment Necessary?

Once the septic tank has been removed in Phase 1, Phase 2 decommissioning is the next crucial step, especially if:

  • You are planning new construction or major landscaping on the property
  • The septic system is located in an area that will be used for a different purpose
  • You are selling the property and need to fully decommission the old system
  • Local regulations require complete system abandonment prior to redevelopment
Don’t leave any part of your old septic system behind.