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About Us

At the core of every community lies an unsung hero and that’s where you’ll find Fraser Cesspools. Not just plumbers, we’re the silent force keeping your world running smoothly.

For decades, we’ve been the one, ensuring clean homes, happy families, and thriving neighborhoods. Our true passion is transforming cesspool chaos into calm, one flush at a time.

Join us in our mission to keep your life flowing effortlessly. When it comes to your cesspool needs, you can trust the experts at Fraser Cesspools to get the job done right.

Our Mission

At Fraser Cesspools, we provide expert cesspool & septic system services that safeguard the health and efficiency of your property’s waste management, and to be the driving force behind your smoothly efficient, beautiful home.

Through reliable installations, meticulous maintenance, & prompt repairs, we empower our customers to enjoy peace of mind and environmental sustainability. We aim to be a beacon of light, transforming the unseen into a well-oiled system that supports the comfort and well-being of every household we serve.


Fraser Cesspools is your go-to solution for cesspool pumping and plumbing emergencies in Shirley and all surrounding areas. With our years of experience and dedicated team, we ensure prompt and reliable service to restore your property’s functionality and safety. Don’t let cesspool issues or plumbing emergencies disrupt your life—contact Fraser Cesspools for professional and efficient solutions you can trust.

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Our Services

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Pumping & Aeration

Fraser Cesspools specializes in premium pumping and aeration services, ensuring your cesspool system’s health and efficiency.

Our expert team conducts thorough pumping to eliminate waste buildup and administers effective aeration to enhance bacterial activity.

Regular maintenance with our services assures flawless functionality, preventing costly issues and frustrations. Trust Fraser Cesspools for worry-free cesspool upkeep and enjoy peace of mind with a well-maintained system.

Maintenance Services

Fraser Cesspools provides comprehensive maintenance and inspection services to optimize your cesspool system’s performance.

Alongside expert pumping and aeration, we conduct thorough camera inspections to detect potential issues early.

Our meticulous approach, including monitoring bacterial levels and checking for cracks or blockages, ensures long-term functionality. Trust Fraser Cesspools for complete care, offering peace of mind with a top-condition system for years ahead.

Septic Services

We specialize in professional septic system services, whether you need a new installation or expert repairs, our experienced team delivers reliable and efficient solutions.

Trusted for seamless installations and expert repairs, we ensure your property’s waste management system operates smoothly.  Customers can count on us to tackle their septic system needs professionally. Our top-notch services provide peace of mind, knowing your waste management is in capable hands.



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