Oily Water Pumping

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oily water pumping

Oily Wastewater Pumping:

Clear River Environmental often encounters oily wastewater, which can be a byproduct of various activities, such as vehicle maintenance, industrial processes, or even residential septic systems.Properly handling and disposing of this oily wastewater is crucial to comply with environmental regulations and protect local waterways.

Specialized Vactor Trucks:
  • To address the challenge of oily wastewater, Clear River Environmental utilizes Vactor trucks equipped with specialized features.
  • These trucks have the ability to separate the oil from the water, allowing for the safe and compliant disposal of both components.
  • The trucks’ suction capabilities and containment systems are designed to handle the unique properties of oily wastewater effectively.

Oil-Water Separation Process:
  • When pumping oily wastewater, the Vactor trucks employed by Clear River Environmental have an on-board oil-water separator.
  • This separator uses a series of baffles and filters to physically separate the oil from the water, allowing for the safe storage and disposal of each component.
  • The separated oil is then transported to an approved hazardous waste disposal facility, while the cleaned water may be discharged or further treated, depending on local regulations.

Environmental Compliance:
  • Handling oily wastewater is subject to strict environmental regulations, which Clear River Environmental adheres to.
  • By using specialized Vactor trucks and following proper oil-water separation procedures, the company ensures that the oily wastewater is managed in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • This compliance helps to protect local waterways, soil, and groundwater from potential contamination.

Customer Service and Safety:
  • Clear River Environmental’s ability to handle oily wastewater efficiently and safely is a valuable service for our valuable customers.
  • Proper oily wastewater management helps to prevent costly spills, fines, or environmental damage, which can be a significant concern for businesses or homeowners.
  • The company’s expertise and specialized equipment contribute to their reputation for reliable and comprehensive cesspool and septic services.

By leveraging Vactor trucks with oil-water separation capabilities, Clear River Environmental is able to provide an environmentally-responsible solution for managing oily wastewater.