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Vactor Trucks for Septic and Cesspool Cleaning

Efficient Waste Removal
  • As a cesspool and septic company, Clear River Environmental relies heavily on Vactor trucks to quickly and thoroughly remove waste from their customers’ septic systems and cesspools.
  • The powerful suction capabilities of Vactor trucks allow the company to efficiently pump out even the most challenging systems, minimizing the time and labor required on each job site.
  • This efficiency translates to more customers serviced per day, improving the company’s productivity and profitability.


Regulatory Compliance
  • Long Island is subject to strict environmental regulations regarding the handling and disposal of septic and cesspool waste.
  • Vactor trucks used by Clear River Environmental are specifically designed to meet these regulatory requirements, with features like sealed containment tanks and proper labeling.
  • By using Vactor Service, the company can ensure they are operating in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, avoiding potential fines or penalties.


Environmental Responsibility
  • As a company focused on environmental protection, Clear River Environmental takes pride in their responsible waste management practices.
  • Vactor trucks allow them to safely and securely transport the collected waste to approved disposal facilities, minimizing the risk of spills or improper dumping.
  • This commitment to environmental stewardship helps to maintain the company’s reputation and trust within the local community.


Vactor Service is a critical component of Clear River Environmental’s operations on Long Island, allowing the company to be an environmentally-responsible septic and cesspool cleaning services to their customers.

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